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Best Pregnant Fruit For women

Benefits of Dragon Pregnant Fruit women 

Pregnant Fruit

Dragon fruit, also known as pita or a special fruit that comes from Central America and South America. In Asia, dragon fruit has been recognized by the Chinese community as a fruit offering religious fruit for pregnant women  Color was bright and attractive bark for connection to lighten the mood. Besides the beauty, dragon fruit is also known because it has a delicious fresh flavor .
Not only that, in the fruit known as Long Than Vietnamese also save a million properties, especially for pregnant women. Pregnant Fruit Based on research, best fruit for pregnant women the dragon fruit contains a variety of active compounds are good if consumed. The following benefits dragon fruit for pregnant women Pregnant Fruit fruit to eat pregnant.

Blood Red Aid Training

In every 100 grams of fresh dragon fruit contained 0.55 Fe or iron Pregnant Fruit . Therefore, the result is very good to meet the demand for iron. As we know, women who are pregnant are very susceptible to anemia. best fruit for pregnant women With eating dragon fruit regularly, the disease can be overcome. Dragon fruit also contains carbohydrate compounds foliate are based on research, best fruit for pregnant women it is necessary for pregnant women. Foliate has played a role in the formation of red blood cells . If a pregnant woman foliate deficiency carbohydrates, your baby born with a neural tube defect or neural tube defect effect brain and nervous system Pregnant Fruit best fruit to eat while pregnant fruit to eat pregnant.

Not only the content of dragon fruit and iron foliate carbohydrates. However, there are many other compounds obtainable sparkling fruit verandah include vitamin C, photochemical, protein, potassium , fiber, anhydrate and many others . what fruit to eat when pregnant Therefore, the benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women as contributors necessarily complex nutrition for mother and fetus Pregnant Fruit . More special dragon fruit also contains vitamin B is ideal for the growing fetus, stimulate the absorption of proteins, carbohydrates and helps burn energy Pregnant Fruit.

best fruit for pregnant women

Considering the benefits of dragon fruit is very important for pregnant women, is definitely recommended daily intake of fruit. To avoid boredom, variant in terms of presentation. Basically, dragon fruit can be eaten immediately after peeled fruit eat pregnant.
However, to make it more enjoyable, best fruit for pregnant women you can juice merci adding low fat milk. Dragon fruit can also be used as an additional delicious fruit salad.
best fruit for pregnant women  If desired, dragon fruit also can make a smoothie by adding other fruits like mango and apple Pregnant Fruit

Citrus Fruit For Paregnant women

Pregnant Fruit , Fruit For Paregnant women

Citrus benefits for pregnant women - that the article on the benefits of citrus peel, citrus is very good to have health benefits. The orange fruit are so many benefits to health and usefulness. Not just the sweet taste are the main attraction of this fruit, but the efficacy and health benefits of citrus also be a magnet for fruit, fruit is better than a lot of people out of apples, including preferred including by pregnant women Pregnant Fruit.
Why citrus fruits are very beneficial for health, orange and beneficial for pregnant women? makes this fruit contains several compounds therein. because many of these compounds is an idol advanced citrus fruits healthy people and pregnant women. The vitamin and mineral content in citrus such as vitamin C, vitamin B6 / pyridoxine, vitamin B5/Asam attenuate, vitamin B3/Niacin, vitamin B2/Riboflavin, B1/Thiamin vitamins, folic acid, phosphorus, calcium , carbohydrate , Pregnant Fruit magnesium, potassium, photochemical and copper Pregnant Fruit.

The vitamin C content in citrus fruits  orange juice is very important that the result of the improvement of immunity. Vitamin C is also useful as an antibody that is useful for treating various diseases such as influenza Pregnant Fruit.

The content of "folic acid compounds" citrus are very beneficial for pregnant women. Folic acid is a compound that is easily absorbed by the baby in the womb. Folic acid is needed by the body to create new cells in the body, and this is very important for the growth and development of infants citrus fruits . The body does not store folic acid is sufficient for the needs of the baby in the womb, so that the mother should consume food supplements or folic acid production (citrus) Pregnant Fruit.

Moreover, the benefits of citrus for pregnant women, because they contain Bolivian compounds in citrus, especially grapefruit. This compound is able to strengthen connective tissue and maintain the mighty walls of the blood vessels in order to stay strong. Furthermore, Bolivian can also reduce inflammation during pregnancy Pregnant Fruit

Recipes for pregnant women

Pregnant Fruit , Fruit For Paregnant women

Pregnant Fruit , Fruit For Paregnant women
Pregnant Fruit , Fruit For Paregnant women

Pregnant Fruit , Fruit For Paregnant women
Pregnant Fruit

Pregnant women eat fruit summer how to choose The summer fruit

Pregnant Fruit , Fruit For Paregnant women

peach, plum, pineapple, mango, watermelon, melon, loquat, melon, longan, lychee, starfruit, grapes, sweet peach, Sydney Baiyou each production period from June began to be listed, about sustainable September 

In fact, normal pregnant women, a fruit is against absolute contraindications. but a lot of food, and some even with a fruit instead of dinner is highly undesirable. fruits are mostly high in sugar, fat, protein content is relatively low, and therefore excessive consumption of fruits only can cause gestational diabetes, will also affect the proteins essential for the growth and development of your baby intake.

 For pregnant women, the most beneficial fruits are apples, cherries, strawberries, grapes, grapefruit and Qiu. Eat apples is the best, it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, malic acid, tannin and fine fibers can eat to prevent obesity on fetal development more useful, Apple gastrointestinal function with adjustable role, s'they are consumed with their skin, constipation or diarrhea can be improved. "It is understood that in all fruits, cherries contain particularly rich iron, nearly 20 times as apples, oranges, pears, pregnant eating cherries, very useful for the fetus women."Many pregnant women to eat cherries, gave birth to a healthy child ruddy face." Grapefruit contains a lot of folic acid, Qiu edema of pregnancy and pregnancy-induced hypertension can be treated. 

"Watermelon, pineapple, banana, persimmon, Muscat Hamburg grapes and other fruit sugar content is, obesity, family history of diabetes higher Pregnant women should eat better, avoid excessive sugar consumption. but as hawthorn, litchi, longan, watermelon, lemon, persimmon, kiwi, pineapple, banana, pomegranate and apricot, but it is the pregnant woman Shensi. Hawthorn contraction of the uterus, pregnant women with a history of abortion is attentive service, amount to eat watermelon diuretic, but it is easier to eat too much can cause dehydration, pineapple, banana, pink grapes of incense have a high sugar content of fruit, obesity, pregnant women with a family history of diabetes should eat better, if anemia in pregnant women should also eat a pomegranate and apricot.

 Pregnant women peace of fruits such as apples, cherries, strawberries, peaches, oranges and other warm, but not too much attention to a day, preferably not more than 500 grams. pregnant women with diabetes should be halved. Time to eat fruit between two proper meals, vitamin supplements in a timely manner, it will not interfere with the absorption of other nutrients. any type of fruit to eat too much, no matter no matter how the physical body will not hold. Pregnant women in the choice of fruits and most people do not have the different hot body, pregnant women should not eat fruit too easy to get angry, but it is not difficult to eat cold fruit, causes diarrhea, can also affect pregnancy situation should be more careful.

Recommend that pregnant women eat fruit every day to not more than 500 g.

What fruits, pregnant?

Fruit consumption during pregnancy

Some fruits that deserve attention, especially pregnant

All fruit should be eaten separately from other foods not to impede digestion.Jcomments {on}
However the sweet potato is a well-tolerated except for consumers attached to the fruitafter a meal. The pineapple or papaya can be tolerated after a mainly protein meals.
So you can disappear fermentation or tiredness after meals.
Remember to consume seasonal fruits.

Here are some fruits that deserve attention:

Beware of traps without nutritional interests varieties ... select varieties "rustic" thegolden. They will have a revitalizing and anti-rheumatic power, drainage and antisepticfor the intestine.

Rich in vitamin A, minerals, magnesium and trace elements. Anti-anemic it facilitates sleep.

the icing
Very nutritious, it purifies the blood and provides minerals and trace elements.

the fig
It promotes digestion. Fig provides Calcium and Phosphorus in the right amounts

But be careful with orange and citrus ... it raises the problem of their cultivation.
Consume preferably more revitalizing than oranges clementines.

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